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Consolidating Retirement Accounts

If you have IRAs or 401(k) accounts in different places, it may make sense for you to roll them over into one IRA.* Aside from making your life simpler and more convenient, consolidating accounts into one account could be beneficial. Here are just a few: Continue reading “Consolidating Retirement Accounts”

Spring Clean Your Finances

If you are planning a good spring cleaning of your home, your car, or even your life, don’t forget to add your finances to that regimen. We recommend dedicating one day of your spring cleaning plans to focus on your financial well-being. Here are four tasks to get you started. Continue reading “Spring Clean Your Finances”

1st United Credit Union Makes Employee Promotions a Top Priority

1st United Credit Union makes cross training, skill development, and promoting our employees a top priority. And in 2016, we designed and launched a unique rotation program rewarding employees who want to work hard, learn more, and try something new. “We have talented employees and this program gives us one more way to engage and retain them,” explains Lynell Fraley, Vice President of Human Resources. Continue reading “1st United Credit Union Makes Employee Promotions a Top Priority”

Two Ways to Thwart Skimming Fraud

Thieves are crafty and always looking for new ways to trick unsuspecting consumers out of their money. As technology evolves, they change their approach. Card skimming devices, for example, are becoming more advanced and difficult to detect. Continue reading “Two Ways to Thwart Skimming Fraud”

Four Steps to Living Debt Free

It’s a new year and with that typically comes resolutions to improve our lives. If getting your finances in order is on your list of “to-do”s, then you’ll want to focus on the basics of reducing or eliminating debt and begin saving your future. But, how do you know what to tackle first? Use the four steps below to rank your loan obligations and start yourself on the road to living without debt. Continue reading “Four Steps to Living Debt Free”

We Love to Volunteer…

1st United has a long history of supporting our community. We believe our purpose is greater than offering competitive financial products and excellent member service. It extends to volunteerism, supporting local schools, and safeguarding the financial future of children and families in our community.

In fact, beginning in April 2016, we asked employees to commit to volunteering during work hours. At the close of 2016, 65% of our staff volunteered over 600 hours at 1st United-sponsored volunteer events. Continue reading “We Love to Volunteer…”

52 Week Savings Challenge

Is saving money a New Year’s resolution for you?  If so, take our 52 Week Savings Challenge. It’s a good habit to try to save every week and this handy tool will help you do just that. Continue reading “52 Week Savings Challenge”

End of Year Money “Musts”

The year is coming to a close and soon you’ll be making resolutions for next year. If your goals involve moving, getting a new job, or buying a car, you’ll want to take a look at your credit report and FICO® Score. Both are reviewed for those purposes and monitoring them is like a health checkup for your finances. Better yet, they are both free and easy to do. Continue reading “End of Year Money “Musts””

Amazon Email Phishing Scam

In the past few weeks, Amazon has been warning consumers about fake emails which appear to have been sent by Amazon but were, in fact, sent by fraudsters. Many of our 1st United members shop with Amazon so we want to be sure you know about this potential threat and the steps you can take to protect yourself. Continue reading “Amazon Email Phishing Scam”

It’s an ATM…with a Teller Inside

If you’ve visited our Berkeley, San Leandro or Oakland Courthouse locations recently, you may have experienced a new way to transact business using our Video Tellers. A Video Teller is essentially an ATM with a teller inside. (Well, not quite inside.) These ATMs allow you to speak with a 1st United Service Specialist by video and the experience is similar to speaking to an in-branch teller.

1st United is excited about our Video Teller technology and will soon be introducing them to our other branches. Here’s more on how they work and what you can expect. Continue reading “It’s an ATM…with a Teller Inside”

Avoid the Holiday Debt Trap

The holidays typically bring a flurry of social occasions, gift giving, food, and more food. These festivities also bring considerable expenses and consumers quickly find themselves getting deeper into debt this time of year. With a little planning and a few guidelines, it is possible to enjoy the season without falling into a debt trap. These tips should help get you started. Continue reading “Avoid the Holiday Debt Trap”

Caution When Donating to Charities

The holiday season sparks a wonderful spirit of giving and many charities use this time of year to boost donations. Along with the spirit, however, come swindlers trying to trick you out of your money or, worse, into giving up your personal bank account information. Protect yourself this holiday season by knowing how to identify charity scams. Continue reading “Caution When Donating to Charities”

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